American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association

American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association

The American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA) is dedicated to representing and supporting interests of short line railroads, of which there are approximately 600. The ASLRRA has been advocating for the political needs of these short line railroads and has served as the short line’s voice in state and federal government when necessary. They worked to develop the Short Line Safety Institute in 2015 in conjunction with Congress, the FRA and short line railroads. Assessments, Education and Training, Communication and Research create the four pillars of this institute which works to “enhance and improve safety practices and behaviors on short line and regional railroads” (ASLRRA).

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Currently, the ASLRRA is working to advance House Bill HR510 and Senate Bill S203. This tax credit, expired since the end of 2017, would incentivize short lines to perform track maintenance which has been deferred in the past. Before it’s expiration, this tax credit “allowed short lines to privately invest over $4B since its inception” (ASLRRA).

This year Doc Claussen, Vice Chairman for Gulf & Ohio Railways, has taken on a new role as Vice Chairman of the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association.  Doc is “extremely pleased with the selection of Chuck Baker as the new president and CEO for ASLRRA. He’s been on the job since February and has had an marked impact on the Association and we are looking forward to working with him in the future.”

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