The Springmaid Line

Photo by Joe Hinson

Photo by Joe Hinson

The L&C Railroad is a short line railroad based in Lancaster, South Carolina, 35 miles south of Charlotte, NC.

With 120 years of continuous rail operations, the L&C Railroad provides South Carolina and the Charlotte region with a strong transportation ally for industrial growth. The railroad provides dual-rail access to over 3,000 acres of industrially zoned property, located only 45 minutes from Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

L&C operates 4 train crews per day with motive power that consists of 10 locomotives, which are serviced at a full-service locomotive shop. With 62 miles of track, the L&C provides customized, competitive rail freight service for our customers, connecting them to the national rail network through both CSX and Norfolk Southern.

Transload facilities are located in Chester, Fort Lawn, and Lancaster, and handle a range of products from liquid chemicals, plastics, agricultural products, and lumber.

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Railroad Museum

Inside the L&C Railroad Museum

Inside the L&C Railroad Museum

The Lancaster & Chester Railway Museum is located on the second floor of the historic Lancaster & Chester Depot.

Due to the diligence and hard work of several railroad buffs (including several L&C employees) the museum was established in the summer of 1995. The highlight of the museum is a scale model replica of the original 29-mile route of the L&C.

Railroad enthusiasts have created exact replicas of every building and facility on the route, plus shrubs, trees and bodies of water. Hundreds of photographs depict the railroad from the beginning to the present, along with railroad artifacts and memorabilia.

The museum is located at 512 South Main Street, Lancaster, SC 29721. Admission is free with all donations appreciated. Please call for museum hours at 803-286-2100.


Contact Information

P: 803-286-2100
F: 803-286-4158
A: PO Box 1450, Lancaster, SC 29721


L&C Facts and Figures

Track: 62 miles
Carloads: 11,600
Locomotives: 10
Customers: 24
Reporting Marks: LCRR

System Map