Here are some important tips, reminders, and policies for photographers that want to photograph our trains or photograph individuals on/near our property: 

  1. Railroad property could be up to 200 feet from the center of the railroad track depending on the track's location. This is also known as a railroad's right-of-way. Entering a railroad's right-of-way without permission/supervision is considered trespassing and as a result G&O may take legal action against violators of our right-of-way.
  2. Photographing G&O trains from public property is allowed, but for areas where public property is close to or overlaps our tracks (such as grade crossings) please be mindful of your surroundings. On average our trains are three feet wider than the tracks so please be at a safe distance when taking your photos. Additionally, we do not want a photographer to trip or fall into the path of our trains so make sure to have solid footing if taking a picture on public property that is close to our tracks.
  3. Using our tracks for photo-sessions without our permission/supervision is dangerous and may result in a cease and desist order. Taking clients onto our tracks for a photo shoot exponentially increases the possibilities of someone getting injured or worse. If your client(s) desire to be photographed on our property, please be professional and contact us first. 
  4. The public may copy what you do. If a photographer does not take the proper steps to photograph safely and in a legal manner, others may do the same which could lead to injury or death.
  5. When photographing near our property, it is suggested that all individuals wear applicable safety gear. For example, wearing bright or fluorescent clothing will make it easier for the train crew to see you and may prevent an accident from happening.
  6. Be mindful that trains take a long distance to stop and they also have blind spots. By the time a train engineer sees someone on or too close to the tracks, it might be too late for them to prevent an accident from occurring.
  7. Lastly, trains are quieter than you think. It is not safe to assume you will hear a train and be able to get out of the way before it is too late.

Violators of the above policy risk their lives and possibly the lives of others and consequently may receive a cease and desist order or have other legal action(s) taken against them.