NCYR at a glance
Miles of track: 14.7
Employees: 3
Carloads: 3,500 per year
Industries: 7
Equipment: 2 locomotives

Nash County Railroad

Rocky Mount, NC to Nashville, NC

The Nash County Railroad connects at CSX in Rocky Mount and runs 15 miles west through Nashville. The reporting marks are NCYR.

The company, which is owned by Gulf & Ohio Railways, began operations in 1985 following purchase of the line from CSX.

The Nash County Railroad has an active industrial development program, with sites available up to 230 acres in size.


Commodities include:

  • Poultry Feed Ingedients
  • Steel
  • Scrap Metal
  • Fertilizer
  • Concrete
  • Railcar Storage

Transloading Site Available

Approx 5 miles from I-95/Hwy 64 Interchange

Location- Circle Drive, Nashville NC

Nashville Graphic Newspaper Article

Temporary ramp built to load gondolas



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