MHSF at a glance
Miles of track:  9.5
Employees:  4
Carloads:  3000
Industries:  4
Locomotives:  3

Morehead & Southfork Railroad

Port of Morehead, NC to Radio Island, NC

The Morehead & Southfork Railroad serves the Port of Morehead in Carteret County. The port is owned by the State of North Carolina. Previously known as the Beaufort & Morehead Railways, the NC Ports Railway Commission operated the port.

The reporting marks are MHSF and connects with NS at Morehead City.

Products handled include:

  • Rubber
  • Chemicals
  • Metal
  • Transloading
  • Fish oil & meal
  • Railcar Storage

The Morehead & Southfork Railroad has an active industrial development program, with buildings and sites available up to 150 acres in size.

Link to map of railroad and port (.pdf download)


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